RYLSTATIC is the latest advance in nozzle technology against fires. It improves the service of rotating turbines as well as fixed teeth in the following aspects:

– Less pressure drop: pressure drops are reduced in medium fog because the rotating turbine is not turned.

– Better medium fog: fog is more uniform and drops are smaller, increasing the moistening. The fog is of better quality, denser, because water is mixed with the air before.

The key to success: smaller water drops, more moistening, without reducing its spectrum in fog position.

– Lesser Maintenance: teeth do not break, they do not fold, they do not block.

RYLSTATIC SYSTEM does not require maintenance.

– More Protection in Total Fog: it is a technique applied to protect firemen opposite fire.  The Total Fog Protection is used in critical cases when protecting people’s lives is the most important fact. It is not a way to extinguish fires.

RYLSTATIC makes a solid protection of wide spectrum whose main purpose is to protect the fireman’s life. The water protection is so strong that offers a better visibility through it.

To match the protection with the extinction way in RYLSTATIC system it is necessary to close the protection zone slightly clockwise.